I met a nice fan through my website brianleerobinson.net where you can sign up to get 3 free songs. She is a Professor of Literature in Romania. She was so nice and her writing was very beautiful, so I sent her the final mix of Beauty or Illusion. She sent me back the most beautiful review of the song, and it was right on point about what I was trying to say. It was so beautiful that I asked her to review the entire new EP. I did edit it a little but I wanted to share it with my fans.
Her name is Andreea Smedescu, she has written several books in Romania. I can’t wait to read them when translated to English.

              The Texas Side of Nashville

                By: Brian Lee Robinson

    Music is the embodiment of utter freedom. The soul spreads its wings, allowing the artist to experience life beyond limits and in syncope with the rhythms of the world until the universe becomes the echo of his songs. Listening to his music feels like being in the presence of a storyteller and writer of dreams. The image of true Texas is musically depicted, and his voice functions like a magical portal. I listen to his songs, and I am a heartbeat away from Texas. Brian Lee Robinson defines life as a sum of contrasts,  “beauty” and “illusion”, hope and despair, light and darkness, happiness and sadness. When one listens to his music, one sees Johnny Cash singing ‘The Ballad of Ira Hayes’.
Beauty or Illusion’, has a subtle philosophical meaning. The illusion of the Quixotic life quest mingles with the aesthetic beauty of one’s own inner values and beliefs. And his voice is like the echo of Dante’s Virgil, guiding the listener through the valley of the material world, until the soul sees the light of music. He has a truly peaceful voice. In Brian Lee Robinson’s music, the angel of harmony looks deep inside our souls, reminding us of a mythical Texas which rises out of the ashes of folklore to a new dawn.  Brian Lee Robinson is a Texan with a quest. He is in the pursuit of happiness, and for him fulfillment can only be found in the heart of humanity. His love for Texas is strong, but stronger is his determination to triumph over Time, His Demons, and find Redemption for his past.
In the comical song “Go Fat and Go Ugly Early”  He shows that although people grow old over time, it is only their bodies that change. Their dreams are kept alive by the rhythms of an eternal song of hope. Brian Lee RobinsonBrian Lee Robinson’s voice is strong and peaceful. Texas is born with every strum of guitar. Nashville is recreated as a space of memory, as a chaotic interstice of bygone past. Nevertheless, this past is reanimated by music. If Paul Verlaine has confessed his poetical creed: “Music before all else”, now is Brian Lee Robinson’s turn to let his artistic creed bear the witness of the ultimate truth, i.e. “Music is the beginning and the end, and everything else is but a shadow.” Music becomes the symbol of a faithful companion. “That Old Cat” is both real, and a metaphor of consuming love, encompassing the bond of friendship between an artist and humanity. Yes, That Old Cat was real, because music breathes the intelligence of compassion and kindness upon the children of nature. Even the smallest animal can be the messenger of the inner music which resounds in eternity. And eternity is an odyssey of permanence. Nashville will be but a ghost town as long as there is a Brian Lee Robinson in this world. His music will forever remind that Goodbye is just the prelude of a new encounter, and his music will flow like the water of Lethe. People will come to drink from the waters of harmony, forgetting about Time and Space. They will only feel “The Gone Side of Goodbyebowing before the power of Art. Only a true Texan has the ability to bestow life upon the State of his sacred geography, and Brian Lee Robinson is a new Orpheus descended to the subterranean sides of life to sing his love for Texas culture and lore.
 Andreea Smedescu