Brian Lee Robinson Debut Album  Written IN Blood

All Artwork By Brian Lee Robinson


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  1. Brian Lee Robinson 2 years ago

    I grew up without a dad. He and mom had divorced before I was aware. I only remember seeing him when I visited my grandmother. He always lived with her. He never had a job that I remember. Except when he moved to grandma’s house in the country. When we visuted he would paint a house every now and then. I remember him taking me to Aunt Ida’s house every Saturday night to watch the country music shows. I grew up on Porter Wagoner, The Wilburn Brothers, and other country shows. I remember seeing Willie Nelson sing The Party’s Over, he was wearing a suit, clean shaved. Same with Waylon Jennings. Not the outlaws they later became. I loved both sides of them. Daddy was a songwriter, probably a great one. He had a hit on Hank Thompson in the late 50’s called Just An Old Flame. Grandma offered to pay his way to Nashville, but he was scared to go. I learned later that he was a bad alcholic. He didn’t dribk much we me and my brother visited. I first saw it when he came back from the country with us, and he made grandma stop at a liquor store. I guess he was scared of seeing mom. By the time we got home he was three sheets in the wind, and vomiting out the door. I realized later that he had passed his love of country music, and his songwriting, but also his weakness for alcohol.